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Sparrows of the Upper Texas Coast December 1, 2020

12/01/2020 07:00 PM - 08:45 PM CST


Houston Audubon Zoom Meeting


Note: The Virtual Class aloneĀ is $25.00. Optional Field Trip is an additional $50 and space is very limited. Please be sure you can attend the field trip before choosing that option.


Sparrows of the Upper Texas Coast

Sparrows are a beautiful and exciting part of our natural world.! We will learn how to begin to identify this very challenging group.!

Many species of sparrows are small birds, secretive, colored in shades of browns and grays and affectionally referred to as LBJs” little brown jobs.  I like to say that warblers are the acrylic paintings of the bird world and sparrows are the water colors of the birds.  But it is their subtly of appearance that makes them fun and challenging to identify. This class will focus on how to look at, and what to look for to identify a sparrow. Learning to see and understand the structural differences, color pattern differences, and behavior will be covered.  This class is not recommended for beginners but not not closed to beginners. At least one previous class is recommended.

Class will be offered remotely online.  Class participation is welcomed and recommended. 

Field trip for this session: December 5, 2020 8AM to 4PM, exact location TBA 

If you select the optional field trip component these are planned in recognition of the current virus conditions. Consequently, we will follow certain safety measures for everyone’s benefit. These include wearing masks, everyone traveling in their own vehicle, physical distancing (6 feet or more). Other measures may be added if needed. 

Additionally, if conditions worsen the field trip may be rescheduled to a future date.  In registering for the class you agree to follow these safety procedures and follow the instructor’s guidance on the trip. 

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